It is a three.js extension to display realtime informations about THREE.WebGLRenderer. Here is a basic example. It is widely inpired from @mrdoob stats.js. It is released under MIT license.

How To install it

You can install it manually or with bower. for the manual version, first include threex.rendererstats.js with the usual

<script src='threex.rendererstats.js'></script>

or with bower you type the following to install the package.

bower install -s threex.rendererstats=

then you add that in your html

<script src="bower_components/threex.rendererstats/threex.rendererstats.js"></script>

How To Use It

var rendererStats	= new THREEx.RendererStats()

position it on the page with css with something along this line	= 'absolute'	= '0px'	= '0px'
document.body.appendChild( rendererStats.domElement )

finally update it at every frame